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Overlooked Fall Home Maintenance Items

October 13, 2018

Overlooked Fall Home Maintenance Items Spring cleaning has its own counterpart as the days wind down and get colder; it’s called fall maintenance. A lot of your important home upkeeps can fall by the wayside during the vacations that usually get planned in spring and summer. so before the leaves start to change and the […]

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Should your first house be a starter home or a forever one?

August 16, 2018

Almost all first-time homebuyers are faced with the question of whether to buy a starter home first or wait until they can afford a forever home. Choosing between a starter home and a forever one needs to be done with care to avoid making a costly mistake. To help you in making the right decision, […]

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How to estimate the market value of your home

August 6, 2018

Knowing what your home is currently worth on the market is useful in many ways. It can guide you in making the decision to sell or refinance. It will also help you in estimating property taxes and insurance premiums. A professional appraiser, as well as your Realtor, can provide you with a close estimate. However, […]

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Nashville, Tennessee

July 31, 2018

Quick Trips From Nashville, Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee is a wonderful spot to start for a road trip. There are several great drives to take and lots of exciting destinations. Tennessee is located in a great area, which makes it a destination itself, but it close to other states that are full of exciting cities and […]

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Top 5 pet-friendly activities in Knoxville, TN

July 26, 2018

Taking your pet outside isn’t just limited to walks around your neighborhood. Knoxville, Tennessee has plenty of outdoor activities that your four-legged friends would definitely enjoy. Dog parks More and more dog parks have been popping up across the United States and Knoxville is no exception. Dog parks make an excellent place for your dogs […]

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Explore Knoxville’s signature destinations

July 16, 2018

There’s always so much to see and do in Knoxville. This thriving city in the heart of eastern Tennessee is rich in history, culture, recreational activities, and many more. If you’re looking to explore and discover what makes Knoxville so unique, here’s where you should start: Historic Old CityLocated in downtown Knoxville, Historic Old City […]

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Buy the Best Produce in Nashville’s Farmers Market

July 13, 2018

Nashville is home to several farmers markets that serve various parts of the city. Of these, Nashville Farmers Market is the most enduring and the best loved, having been a city staple since the early 1800s. Location and Market Hours Nashville Farmers Market is located at 900 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Downtown Nashville, adjacent […]

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Cheap fixes to boost the value of your home

July 6, 2018

Improving your home now can make a huge difference when you decide to sell it in the future. Here are 6 ways that you can boost your home’s value without breaking the bank: Declutter Get rid of stuff. Decluttering gives you more storage space, creates a stress-free environment, and allows you to regularly clean areas […]

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Explore the Neighborhoods of Nashville

Nashville is home to over 20 neighborhoods, each one with its own distinct flavor and character. While all are highly livable communities with a great quality of life, some stand out for the fantastic attractions and amenities they offer. Downtown Nashville Downtown Nashville is where you’ll find many of the entertainment destinations that define Music […]

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Touring Tennessee’s Best Wineries

June 29, 2018

Tennessee had a thriving wine industry after the Civil War, but the Prohibition era put an end to it. In the 1970s, the winemaking business started making a comeback in the state, and today, you’ll find plenty of wineries in various sizes scattered across the area. Most of Tennessee’s wineries are located in Middle and […]

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