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Make the most out of your condo living space

Living in a condo doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style or functionality. Here’s how to maximize limited condo space. Paint the walls white White is a light base color that can make home furnishings and artwork stand out. It ca...

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Knoxville Real Estate Market Statistics

Knoxville Real Estate Market for Single-Family Homes In the Knoxville single-family home real estate market, conditions continue to favor sellers over buyers because of the low amount of inventory and the amount of homes that've sold.  Accord...

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Five of Knoxville’s Luxury Neighborhoods

Sequoyah Hills- Sequoyah Hills is with out a doubt recognized as one of Knoxville's luxury neighborhoods. Developed in the 1920's making it one of Knoxville's first communities. With parks located along the Tennessee river, jogging and bike tr...

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4 Top Reasons to Visit the Ijams Nature Center

In this day and age, where the answer to every question is “Google it,” it can be hard to think of a reason to leave all your cozy technology behind to visit the Great Outdoors. If we all took a second to put our screens down, we could see ...

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Explore Knoxville, TN’s World’s Fair Park

World’s Fair Park is one of Knoxville’s most-visited tourist attractions and it’s a favorite pastime of the locals too. There are buildings and attractions that still remain from the 1982 World’s Fair, which means that by visiting World...

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17 Facts about the Rich History of Knoxville, TN

The City of Knoxville has a long, rich history, dating back to 1791. My partner and I love Knoxville, Tennessee and want others to learn the origins of its greatness, so we combined our knowledge of the city (with the knowledge of all-knowing I...

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