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Knoxville is a city that has it all – economic opportunities, topnotch schools, a rich history, stunning views, and a plethora of recreation options. The third largest city of Tennessee and the seat of Knox County, Knoxville consistently makes it to lists of the best cities to live and retire in the US.

Fast Facts

  • Population estimate (as of 2016) – 186,239
  • Median resident age – 33.1
  • Estimated median household income (2015) – $37,200
  • Nicknamed “The Marble City” for its role as a major center of distribution for marble in the early 1900’s
  • The city was named after President George Washington’s Secretary of War, Henry Knox
  • Three major interstate highways, I-75, I-40 and I-81, converge at Knoxville
  • The University of Tennessee is found at Knoxville

Real Estate

Knoxville has several neighborhoods that roughly distributes into 5 sectors: Downtown, North Knoxville, South Knoxville, East Knoxville and West Knoxville. Each of these sections offers their own distinct charm, giving homebuyers a wide range of options.

If you’re looking for a home closer to restaurants, bars and shopping centers, Downtown is probably the best choice for you. But the other sections of the city also boast their own commercial corridors, giving residents convenient access to topnotch urban amenities.

The housing type in Downtown Knoxville is dominated by condos and townhomes in various sizes and prices, found in recently constructed mixed-use developments. Many of these are loft properties that have been converted from their original industrial and commercial uses.

Knoxville contains  lakes, hills, and other natural features, where homebuyers have a choice of riverfront, lakeside or mountain homes. There are also golf communities featuring upscale homes with the best access to some of the top-rated golf courses in the area.

Away from the commercial corridors, the housing stock is predominantly made up of single-family homes, coming in a wide range of prices, sizes and architectural styles. There are a number of estates and significant homes in the city, but a large part of available homes are highly affordable properties with more regular sizes.

Attractions and Amenities In and Around Knoxville

    • Live music and entertainment

Knoxville is a center of live music. The city is home to iconic concert and performance venues that have helped launch the careers of superstars like the Everly Brothers and Dolly Parton. Some of the best-known venues here are:

      • Tennessee Theatre
      • Union Place
      • Bijou Theatre

In addition, to live music, entertainment fare in Knoxville includes theater, dance, opera and more. The city boasts community theaters where amateur and professional artists collaborate to bring year-round entertainment to residents.

    • Outdoor activities

Knoxville lies in the Great Appalachian Valley, between the Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau. The Tennessee River runs through Downtown, and all around the city are lakes, creeks, and forests. These amazing natural features provide residents with a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Among the best nature destinations in and around Knoxville are:

      • Knoxville Hiking Trails
      • Foothills Parkway
      • Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness
      • French Broad, Holston, and Tennessee Rivers
      • Devil’s Racetrack
    • Historical districts and landmarks

With its origins dating back to 1786, Knoxville teams with significant structures and districts that reflect the history of Tennessee itself. Some of the best-known historical destinations in the city include:

    • Blount Mansion
    • Westwood house and grounds
    • Knoxville National Cemetery
    • Fort Dickerson Park
    • Marble Springs State Historic Site
    • McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
    • East Tennessee History Center